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Mountain View : Renovation

The practicality and function of this kitchen was the priority. Its design takes into account the youth of its owners in its current existence, and their desire to entertain. It will age gracefully. 

The desire to push the boundaries of 'ordinary' were apparent from early on in the conceptual stage. 

By putting forward unique and innovative ideas, it was important to know that the team of trades involved in the design implementation where not only understanding of the design but also skillful in their abilities to provide a quality outcome. 

The involvement of the joinery was essential throughout the planning meetings. His involvement in the prototypes of the concepts was integral in his ability to deliver the desired results. 

A clear vision was identified at the completion of the concept and planning phase and the development of the unique aesthetic was attended to in the finalising of all the chosen materials. 


A team of trades involved in the project allowed us to construct a concrete benchtop; backlight and under-light a stone splashback; utilise brass in the joinery and select finishes that required extra attention to their installation and quality control 

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