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Great designs must always begin with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and aspirations. Developing a client relationship that is based on respect, trust and confidence is key to a successful design outcome.

We create beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles and timeframes and always ensure the client is guided through every stage of the design process. 

Working in collaboration with architects, builders, tradespeople and suppliers, our intent is to ensure your vision is delivered beyond expectation.

"I believe in an honest approach

where quality and utility are intrinsic".

-Rachael Miklas  



Over the past ten years Rachael Miklas, fuelled by passion and a customer focused approach,  has grown her business to gain the respect of her broad client base. Studying Interior Design at the Interior Design Academy in 2002, Rachael continues to develop her skills as a designer, incorporating new products and trends, and mixing architecture with design.  

Residing in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, Rachael has 

established herself as a well known and respected designer within the local construction industry. She offers a balance of creativity, collaboration and forward thinking with a genuine, honest approach.

In her spare time, Rachael enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker. She enjoys traveling the world experiencing culture and lifestyle, drawing inspiration from her adventures.

"Having a positive impact on my client's lives is paramount to what I do".

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