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The Point : Renovation

The practicality and functionality of the outdoor living spaces was a priority. With 3 teenage children, there needed to be entertainment zones without compromising the flow of the space. 

The home was transformed into an entertainer's delight with a new kitchen and bifold windows allowing the indoors and outdoors to coexist. 

Regard was given to the selection of materials and finishes due to the proximity of this home to the ocean. The salt air reduces the life span of many appliances and products so we aimed to reduce this risk. Additionally, at the request of the client,􀁥 eliminating ongoing maintenance of the exterior was essential so the materials selected also needed to tick this box .

A team of trades enabled us to reconfigure the entire backyard area of this home, creating a private resort style sanctuary. We addressed water issues by installing  drainage adequate around the pool site before beautifying its surrounds. A spa was added to the pool area, and an otherwise small mis-shaped space was opened up. 


Custom fret work and Breezeblocks injected a unique aesthetic and increasing the size of decked areas opened up the outdoor living space. 

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